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In case you were curious about the Christmas kitty at the top of our pages... that's our cat, Pooh.  Pooh has a twin sister named Puff, and Puff and Pooh actually have their own website (don't look at me, it was my wife's idea).  

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Here at Rustic Christmas™, our goal is to offer something different.  Unique gift suggestions and decorating ideas to help you create your own rustic Christmas holiday.  Join us for an old fashioned (rustic)
Christmas - we're counting down the days!

The countdown is gaining momentum

You don't have to live in a log cabin to take delight in rustic décor, or a rustic themed Christmas holiday.  The term "rustic" means many things to different people, but most will agree that the term conjures up thoughts of simpler, happier days gone by. 

For those of us who recognize and celebrate Christmas, it is a season of joy and expectation.  Most of the fun with Christmas is preparing for its arrival with all that entails.  Well, we can't help you string the lights, but we can help you solve a few shopping problems. See our rustic Christmas gift selections here!

Have a Rustic ChristmasFrom that special gift to a unique accent piece, you'll find it here.  Whether you're furnishing your rural retreat, or a Manhattan apartment, locating that special accent piece or perfect bedroom suite can be a daunting task.  We offer some of the most unique decorating solutions you'll encounter anywhere. 

A word from a "politically incorrect" webmaster

Santa ClausIn simpler times in America, it was not necessary to fuss about "political correctness" and exclude the word Christmas from our vocabulary. 

No one ever intended to "offend" other people or cultures, it was just reasonably assumed that Christmas was important to a lot of people.  Those who did not observe Christmas were not insulted, people honored the obvious fact that diverse cultures celebrated different holidays and religious observances.  Duh!

Fortunately for millions of people, it now appears that common sense is powering the "PC" pendulum back toward the center of coherent thinking.  It is once again acceptable to utter the word Christmas without feelings of PC-induced guilt or fear of slanderous discrimination charges.  Christmas is a celebration recognized around the world and those who observe it welcome all others to join them in discovering the true meaning of the season.

This website is a commemoration of Christmases past and a celebration of our rustic heritage.  We hope you enjoy the collections we've assembled; products, ideas, pictures and stories that recapture the thoughts and feelings of a traditional family Christmas.

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'Tis almost the season to be merry and start thinking about what to get for everyone on your Christmas gift list.  If you are shopping for rustic décor this holiday season, there is no better place to shop

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